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The Great Australian Loneliness - Ernestine Hill
Imprint Travel ISBN 1-875892-06-0
346pp AU$17.95

'This is the story of a journalist's journey round and across Australia.... It was in July 1930 that I first set out, a wandering "copy-boy" with swag and typewriter, to find what lay beyond the railway lines. Many a time have I unrolled the little swag by creek and sandhill, alone in the silence and starlight with a white man and a black. I have interviewed men living in wurlies of paper-bark who read Gibbon and wrote Greek and danced in corroboree; lepers and the dying, deep-sea divers and prospectors for gold, and white women fighting the splendid battle of the pioneers.'

Ernestine Hill's classic account of travelling across and around Australia, in a pilgrimage of many years and 100,000 miles.

'The most picturesque account of our outback that has yet been written... a vivid and arresting page of Australian history.' Adelaide Advertiser
'A travel-book that is a pleasure to recommend.' The Irish Times

'With zest, humour and a warm sympathy, Hill brings to life a frontier...' New York Herald Tribune

Ernestine Hill was born in 1899 in Rockhampton, Queensland. Travel was always in her blood and after the death of her husband in 1933 she embarked on a life of almost continuous travel and writing. The Great Australian Loneliness was followed by Water Into Gold. Her best-known book is The Territory.


The Hidden History of Australia - Bill Hornadge
Imprint ISBN 1 875892 59 1
224pp $16.95

Amazing stories from the deep well of Australian history not found in the formal history texts - in some cases, entirely lost till now. Hornadge has found the real story of Herbert Hoover's lost years in Australia (this American President spent his early years rorting Australian shareholders with fake gold mines, before taking his accumulated wealth off-shore), Henry Lawson's mum, Henry Parkes, details of Martial Law and unknown Aboriginal massacres. Twenty two true tales written in Hornadge's trademark comic style.

Bill Hornadge has written over 30 books, including the bestseller Australian Slanguage of which Spike Milligan said "...a must for the mature Australian". His other titles include The Yellow Peril, How To Publish Your Own Book, The Ugly Australian and Lennie Lower (Imprint 1993).



Prospecting for Gold - Ion L. Idriess
Imprint ISBN 1 875892 12 5
304pp $17.95

Prospecting for Gold - Ion L. Idriess'This book is written to help the new hand who ventures into the bush seeking gold. The writer is trying to put into these chapters the practical experience of twenty years. The "towny" prospector, with this book as a guide, will soon master methods of prospecting and the working of his find. Otherwise, he might well find himself in the position of a man given a job about which he knows absolutely nothing.' Idriess's manual was written during the Depression when the thirst for gold was particularly strong, with desperate men heading off on a rumour to 'make their fortune'. It's great strength is its easy conversational tone, and it's full of the anecdotes for which Jack Idriess was famous. The colour and tone of an era are here, in the pages of this classic of the Australian gold-rush days.





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