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Imprint Poetry

A Sentimental Bloke - C.J. Dennis
Imprint Classics ISBN 1 875892 35 4
130pp illustrated AU$14.95

These are The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, retitled, as the author originally conceived.

The book immortalizes and romanticizes the city Larriken who was a feature of urban life in the early part of the twentieth century. A comic poet, his verses are still very funny today. Illustrated with the 'Larriken cupid' drawings of Hal Gye, which are classics in themselves, and includes an extensive glossary of 'Australianisms', provided by the author. Lastly, a fond introduction by Barry Humphries, which throws light on Dennis' continued place in Australian literature.

C.J. Dennis is best known as the author of this and other classic titles, such as The Moods of Ginger Mick and The Glugs of Gosh, also available in Imprint. Born in 1876 in South Australia, Clarence James Dennis worked as clerk, barman and journalist before moving to Melbourne in 1908. He remained there until his death in 1936. Regarded as one of Australia's best urban poets, his mastery of larriken slang captures the aspirations of a mythical Australian lower class of the early part of this century.

Selected Poems - Mary Gilmore
Imprint Classics ISBN 1 875892 15 X
160pp AU$19.95

The comprehensive selection of the best of the work of Dame Mary Gilmore, one of those rare personalities who became legendary figures in their own lifetime. Includes selections from The Passionate Heart, Under the Wilgas, Battlefields and Fourteen Men.

As Robert Fitzgerald wrote in the foreword to the first edition, 'In her work she has expressed so much of Australia, its outlook, its atmosphere, the under-currents of its history, its wildlife, its landscape and its peoples'.

Dame Mary Gilmore (1865-1962) was born at Cotta Walla near Goulburn in NSW. For several years, as a young woman, she taught at Broken Hill, where she developed her passionate interest in the labour movement, becoming involved in the radicalism of the maritime and shearers' strikes of the early 1890s. She had a close friendship with Henry Lawson, and with A. G. Stephens, the Bulletin editor. It was in the Red Page that her poetry was first published. She worked as an editor and journalist for many decades. At the end of her life she had become a powerful and highly respected figure; there was a ceremonial state funeral through the streets of Sydney when Mary Gilmore died in 1962.

The Present Tense - Gwen Harwood
Imprint ISBN 1 875892 28 1
144pp AU$16.95

This collection is the final compilation of the work of a dearly loved and highly accomplished poet. Gathered from the many venues that have featured her work, this lively and entertaining book is also poignant and deeply moving, as Gwen Harwood meditates on life and death, the passing of old friends, the moments in her life that have left their marks and the meaning of writing itself. From elegies to witty after-dinner speeches, Gwen Harwood's The Present Tense will remain in the heart long after the moment of reading has passed. This is the final collection of the work of Gwen Harwood and brings together many beautiful elegies, witty speeches, occasional verse and four short stories. It is a celebration of the poet's life work, and as such will not only be cherished by her many admirers, but also provide an excellent introduction for those yet to enjoy the pleasures of her writing.

Born in Brisbane in 1920, Gwen Harwood only began writing poetry in her late thirties, and many of her early poems were printed in newspapers and magazines under the various pseudonyms she playfully used. She is famous for hoaxing the Bulletin with a very rude acrostic, and can always be relied on to scandalise as well as delight. She has lived for many years now in Tasmania, from where her reputation has grown to make her one of the most respected and best-loved writers in Australia. Gwen Harwood died in Decmber 1995.

A Human Pattern: Selected Poems - Judith Wright
Imprint Classics ISBN 1 875892 17 6
256pp AU$14.95

Judith Wright's own definitive selection of her poetry, covering the best and most memorable from her first collection, The Moving Image (1946) through to Phantom Dwelling (1985). Forty years of poetic production from Australia's best-known poet.

A clear and elegant edition containing all the favourite Judith Wright poems, including 'Bullocky', 'The Surfer', 'Woman to Man', 'Five Sense', 'The Diver', 'Bora Ring'. Judith Wright's sensual images are expressed with that strong simple language and subtle passion which has earned her an international reputation.

Judith Wright was born in 1915 in Armidale, New South Wales, into a prominent New England pastoral family. She has been for many decades an outspoken worker for conservation, the environment, Aboriginal land rights and human rights, interests which are reflected in her poetry. Judith Wright died in 2000.

Confessions of a Corinthian - Croft

Killing the Black Dog - Murray









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