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What's New

Childhood at Brindabella - Miles Franklin
Richmond Imprint ISBN 1 920688 11 0

Miles Franklin wrote this autobiography in 1952-3, but it wasn't published until after her death in 1954. She wrote it in response to a suggestion from Pixie O'Harris that she write for children, but Franklin decided she wanted to describe her own childhood. It is a story of an idyllic time, spent in the hills of Brindabella near present-day Canberra, and full of sunshine, sweet ripe fruit and interesting relations. A gentle antidote to the trauma of much childhood autobiography, Childhood at Brindabella recaptures brilliantly the age of innocence and joy, and is told with the flair of a distinguished storyteller.

Miles Franklin (1879-1954) spent her first ten years at Brindabella, near Canberra, before the family moved to a property near Goulburn, the setting for her autobiographical novel, My Brilliant Career. She was a feminist and a socialist, working in America with Alice Henry in the National Women's Trade Union League. She wrote many of her novels under the pseudonym 'Brent of Bin Bin'. My Career Goes Bung, the sequel to My Brilliant Career, was rejected for many years because it was considered too audacious.


Art and Australia - Margaret Preston
Richmond Imprint ISBN

A lively, often surprising, always individual collection of articles and essays by renowned artist, Margaret Preston. Selected from the pages of the magazines Woman's World and Art in Australia by Elizabeth Butel (author of Margaret Preston (ETT Imprint, 1995) , these articles have not been previously collected together, and in this form they provide a very useful summary of the changing perceptions of modernism and Australian art during the middle years of this century. Articles on the use of Aboriginal design in art and pioneer women artists are complemented by Preston's engaging travel writing.

The characteristically jaunty, irreverent style of Margaret Preston's opinions about art and life, as expressed in this collection of writings, provides a fascinating background for the appreciation of her work. She puts into context the battles that were being fought for modernism. She also takes us on a journey through Australia; seen through the eyes of this energetic woman, the Australian landscape comes alive. With an introduction by Elizabeth Butel and 25 woodcuts by the author.

Margaret Preston, Australia's foremost woman painter between the wars, sent a series of shock-waves through Sydney art circles with her spirited journalism during a career that spanned seventy years. Sydney Ure Smith called her the 'natural enemy of the dull'. She was constantly exploring new styles, and advocated a national art that would learn from the aesthetic of Australian Aborigines.


The Little Hotel - Christina Stead
Richmond Imprint ISBN 1 920688 13 7
208pp AU$19.95

The Hotel Swiss-Touring is the refuge for a group of cosmopolitan characters who come together in Switzerland after the Second World War. Their object is to conceal themselves from money-hungry governments and hostile master races. But their common purpose doesn't prevent a microcosm of jealousies, spitefulness, vindictiveness and mistrust from developing among the small group, all under the relentless eye of Madame Bonnard. A new introduction by Margaret Harris, Stead's Literary Executor, puts The Little Hotel into the perspective of all her work, and discusses the themes of the book and how they relate to Stead's life and times.

'Christina Stead has assembled a crew as sad, funny and perverse as any ever gathered together in the name of art.' Time Magazine
"Stead is above all else an enthusiast for living, monstrous and ridiculous as human vanity can make it, and she refuses to let her characters admit defeat.' Times Literary Supplement

Christina Stead was born in New South Wales in 1902 and went to Sydney High School and Sydney University's Teachers' Training College. She went to London in 1928, married the economist William Blake, and went to the USA with him. Much of her life is recounted in her novels, including Seven Poor Men of Sydney, The Man Who Loved Children and For Love Alone. The Little Hotel was first published in 1947. Christina Stead died in Sydney in 1983.

Jonah - Louis Stone
Richmond Imprint ISBN 1 920688 10 2
248pp AU$24.95

'Jonah' is Joe Jones, a man whose drive and single-mindedness take him from the streets of slum Sydney as part of a larrikin gang to success in business.
'Striking naturalistic descriptions of place and incident, authentic dialogue and a well-realised array of characters... Jonah is a striking achievement.' Oxford Companion to Australian Literature

Not just about larrikinism but about Joe, deformed, an outcast, and eventually a successful business man -- in short, quintessentially Australian.
Set in the slums of Sydney -- with naturalistic descriptions of Redfern, Alexandria and Waterloo -- in the early years of the twentieth century, Jonah is a 'cinematic' novel. Dorothy Green's introduction is a useful bonus to this lively Sydney novel.

Stone was born in Leicester in England in 1871 and came to Australia when he was fourteen. He taught at Coogee State School and then Sydney Boys' High. Norman Lindsay described him as 'tall, lank and dyspeptic...with tragically depressed eyes and a fastidiously tormented mind'. He was the classic deracine -- out of his milieu and thrown into the streets of a hostile city to find himself. And out of that experience came Jonah.


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